Safe and Accepting Schools

    2016 Lieutenant Governor’s Respectful Citizenship Award Recipients

    Mollie Symons – AVRSB

    Mollie Symons – AVRSB, individual

    Mollie is a grade 11 student at Horton High School who has been involved in many initiatives including the Dare Campaign that raises funds for HIV/AIDs organizations in Africa.

    She chairs the “We to Me Committee” that gathers items for the local food bank as well as raising funds for the Doctors Without Borders program. She is also a member of the “Respect for Diversity Group”.

    Whether it is a small and uncelebrated moment of tenderness towards a young boy, or the leadership she has shown to the community, her actions speak of her desire to “be” and “do” more for her community.

    Project Unify – AVRSB

    Project Unify – AVRSB, team

    Emily MacArthur and Jacob Gordon are two students from Horton High School who lead Project Unify.

    Project Unify is a brilliant program that increases the social, emotional, physical and mental health of resource student participants including the leaders. Emily and Jacob continue to promote the program within the school and have investigated others schools adopting this program.

    Their hope is to hold a year-end Games Day where they will celebrate unity through friendly games with other school groups.

    Samuel Amoako – CBVRSB

    Samuel Amoako – CBVRSB, individual

    Samuel is a Grade 12 student at Sydney Academy.

    He is a driven and self-directed student who has aided in the creation of an innovative cultural program entitled, “SANFOFA”, which translates to “Go back and fetch it.”

    The title directs Samuel and his fellow students to help African Nova Scotian students in their school and community by providing education to increase knowledge about their collective past and move forward, while involving all members of the school community.

    Student Body, Sherwood Park Education Centre– CBVRSB

    Student Body, Sherwood Park Education Centre– CBVRSB, team

    The entire student body of Sherwood Park Education Centre is recognized for their participation in a fund-raising event in support of cancer equipment and research.

    The students created a paper chain, the biggest one in Cape Breton and referred to as the “Ring of Hope”.

    Collectively, the students and staff of Sherwood Park Education Centre raised $3,840 to purchase a new Linear Accelerator for the Cape Breton Cancer Centre.

    Darla Langille-Schumann – CCRSB

    Darla Langille-Schumann – CCRSB, individual

    Darla is a Grade 6 student at West Highlands School.

    As a young child, Darla spent considerable time at the IWK Hospital and her family was able to provide support to her by staying at the Ronald McDonald House. As a thank you to them, Darla has become an unofficial ambassador for the House and she has not event entered Junior High School. Darla has spent many hours fundraising and leading community events in support of this charity.

    Darla has demonstrated that she is a caring, responsible young person who is always thinking of others before herself.

    We Act Committee, Hants North Rural High School – CCRSB

    We Act Committee, Hants North Rural High School – CCRSB, team

    The We Act Committee is a group of 20 students in Grades 7 through 12 from Hants North Rural High School.

    This group of students have set a variety of campaigns that focus on local and global initiatives, including a campaign called, “We Scare Hunger”. They also organized the “We are Silent” campaign in recognition of the millions of students who never enter a classroom.

    Through participation in this committee, the students have gained an understanding of the causes of issues like hunger, poverty, and lack of education and have taken the initiative to fundraise and educate their fellow students.

    Emily Pettipas – CSAP

    Emily Pettipas – CSAP, individual

    Emily is a Grade 11 student at Conseil scolaire acadien provincial.

    Being a victim of bullying at an early age, Emily acquired the knack of putting a positive twist to a negative situation. She leads by example and has captured the respect of her peers and teachers. Emily positively encourages and supports her classmates, works with the Student Council, and organizes activities to encourage the student body to be active and in good health.

    Due to these efforts and her respect for others, Emily is widely recognized as a peace advocate at her school.

    Nikolas Sutherland – HRSB

    Nikolas Sutherland – HRSB, individual

    Nikolas Sutherland is a grade 11 student at Millwood High School who has demonstrated outstanding leadership commitment and innovation in his efforts to improve the health status and health culture at his school.

    Through his leadership of the “UKnighted for Health” committee, Nik has been instrumental in creating an inclusive and healthy school. By placing health as a priority for students and working collaboratively with community health partners, the UKnighted for Health initiative is progressive and impactful.

    Nik’s leadership of the committee, along with his enthusiasm and vision, truly embodies the objective of the Respectful Citizenship Award.

    Film Club, Sackville Heights Junior High School

    Film Club, Sackville Heights Junior High School – HRSB, team

    Through a series of student-led workshops, the Sackville Heights Junior High Film Club wrote, produced, directed, and edited a video entitled “Same Love”.

    This video represents the themes of “belonging” and “acceptance” that resulted in audiences having a greater understanding of how marginalized people feel.

    Through this video, the students have made a positive impact on their school climate and culture. They have helped to create an inclusive and healthy place of learning that has an emphasis on building respect for self/others and relationships.

    Ethan Ringer – SSRSB

    Ethan Ringer – SSRSB, individual

    Ethan is a Grade 6 student at South Queens Middle School.

    Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Ethan has been dedicated to sharing his experience, educating others, all towards the objective of creating an inclusive school environment. What started as a class presentation, grew into school presentations, and then into videos that can be shared with the world.

    One of his nominators said “Ethan has been a role model to his peers by his openness about Autism and his efforts to broaden the minds of his peers, as well as the larger community”.

    Garden in the Woods Project – SSRSB

    Garden in the Woods Project – SSRSB, team

    The Garden in the Woods Project is a partnership between staff, students, and the community of the Petite Rivière Elementary School.

    This project has the objective of enhancing the social and physical well-being of the students. The project promotes teamwork, cooperation, and building healthy relationships among students in grades primary to grade six, while learning about the natural environment.

    The Garden in the Woods Project has had an extremely positive impact on the school climate and culture.

    Janine Lock – SRSB

    Janine Lock – SRSB, individual

    Janine is a Grade 11 student at the Strait Area Education Centre.

    She is active and engaged in her school and community through countless avenues, including her role as co-chair of the “Share and Care Program” that provides Christmas gifts to needy families. One of her most notable accomplishments is the design and implementation of a program to engage younger students on the long bus ride home.

    She is a constant source of positive energy who demonstrates a commitment to building positive and safe environments for all students.

    Rachel Creighton – TCRSB

    Rachel Creighton – TCRSB, individual

    Rachel is Grade 12 student at Digby Regional High School.

    She is a committed individual who demonstrates leadership, care, and compassion through her involvement in numerous and varied school activities and community outreach programs. Of note, Rachel recognized a need to support and address the issue of mental health in her school.

    By establishing partnerships and relationships, Rachel has provided her peers with a safe place to have conversations to build resiliency skills and promote mental health.

    Hogan Ingram – Armbrae Academy (private school)

    Hogan Ingram – Armbrae Academy (private school), individual

    Hogan is a Grade 12 student at Armbrae Academy.

    Hogan’s nominators describe him as a leader and positive change agent. Whether he is going out of his way to make his peers and younger students feel included, or helping establish a school garden, he is committed to making his school a safe and welcoming place.

    When Hogan learned about residential schools and their impact on Aboriginal People in Canada, he worked with his teacher to create a unit for his grade eight class to ensure that this important chapter in history is taught.

    As described by his nominator “He wants to make his school, his community, and his world, a better place.”

    Jacob Paul-Gould – Mi'Kmaw Kina'matnewey

    Jacob Paul-Gould – Mi'Kmaw Kina'matnewey, individual

    Jacob is a Grade 10 student at Unama’ki Training and Education Centre.

    Jacob is a community-minded student who has played a leadership role through many initiatives. He belongs to a group of young men and women in his community called the “Hall Boys”. This group volunteers for all community events and activities that help to engage youth in their community.

    Jacob is dedicated to his culture and shows great respect for elders and all people. He is a respected citizen of Eskasoni First Nation.

    Eskasoni Mi’Kmaq Care / Live Different – Mi'Kmaw Kina'matnewey

    Eskasoni Mi’Kmaq Care / Live Different – Mi'Kmaw Kina'matnewey, team

    Eskasoni Mi’Kmaq Care / Live Different is a team project of students from Allison Bernard Memorial High School.

    This team exemplifies the essence of service learning by raising $70,000, which was enough money to build a much needed home for a family of eight in the Dominican Republic. Through their interaction with the people of the towns and villages they visited, they spread their tribal consciousness by their acts of sharing, compassion, and fellowship.

    This group has inspired all those who witnessed their journey and growth and the way in which they have demonstrated leadership and service.

    Project ARC (Action, Responsibility, Choice!) – Homeschool

    Project ARC (Action, Responsibility, Choice!) – Homeschool, team

    Project ARC is a group of student aged 12–18 years, the majority of whom are home-schooled.

    This group uses performing arts and interactive peer education to teach youth about human rights and personal responsibilities in creating a just and equitable world. Their performances focus on topics such as anti-bullying, anti-violence, social justice, peace, and respect. Project ARC asks in exchange for a presentation a donation to be made to benefit a local or world-wide charity.

    These students embody leadership and are committed to creating safe and inclusive spaces in schools and communities in Nova Scotia.