Safe and Accepting Schools

    Bullying can make you feel scared, ashamed, sad, and alone.

    If you have been bullied, you're not alone!

    • About 200 million children and youth around the world are bullied.
    • The world needs to change. Nova Scotia needs to change.
    • You can help.


    You probably know what bullying looks like.

    • You probably know what bullying feels like.
    • It affects you and your classmates at school.
    • It affects you and your friends in your community.
    • This site has tips to help stop bullying.


    Bullying can also take place in the digital world.

    We call it cyberbullying. 

    It might be on social networking sites, in emails or text messages, or by sharing images.

    Cyberbullying is a harder problem to solve. Those who bully through an electronic medium can share hurtful messages or pictures without having to face anyone. It is quick. It is anonymous.

    Bullying and cyberbullying need to stop.

    It’s time we speak up. It’s time we take action.

    Only when we speak up can change happen.

    • We need to speak up when we are bullied.
    • We need to speak up when we see bullying behaviour.
    • We even need to speak up when we are engaging in bullying behaviour ourselves.


    Are you being bullied? Is someone you know is being bullied?

    Please talk to a trusted friend or adult about it. 

    Speaking up is the first step to finding a solution. There is help available if you need it.