Safe and Accepting Schools

    Parents care deeply about their children and want the best for them.

    They want to know how to be both proactive and supportive if their child is being harmed by or engaging in bullying behaviour. 

    • The effects of bullying go beyond the schoolyard.
    • You can be a partner to help address bullying behaviour in our community. 
    • Parents and guardians are key role models in the lives of their children.
    • As a role model, you can help influence how children and youth close to you relate to each other.

    Parents and guardians are looking for ways to help their children.

    If you believe your child is experiencing or involved in bullying or cyberbullying behaviour at school, or if their school life is being affected by this behaviour, your first step should be to contact the school principal.

    • Principals now have the authority to investigate incidences of bullying or cyberbullying on and off school grounds.

    In instances of serious bullying or cyberbullying, you can also report the problem to your local police.

    • Starting in the fall, there will be a special unit dedicated to investigating serious reports of cyberbullying.


    There are steps you can take at home, with your child, to help protect them from future cyberbullying.

    Bullying & Cyberbullying : a resource for parents and guardians

    Encourage your child to speak up :

    • If someone sends them  a text, tweet or email that makes them uncomfortable they should TELL SOMEONE THEY TRUST (family member, teacher, police personnel, friend).


    Control your child’s online presence:

    • Increase your child’s security settings online; encourage them hide or deactivate their profile and/or block users. This can be done through the setting options on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

    Save the evidence:

    • As hurtful as it may be, save offending messages, pictures or copies of conversations. This can be used by authorities during investigations.

    Report serious forms of cyberbullying:

    • Inform the appropriate authorities (teachers, principals, police personnel).


    It is important for youth to know where to turn if they face crisis.


    What can parents and guardians do?