Safe and Accepting Schools

    Shipyard Elementary in Sydney - Stand Up Against Bullying Day - September 12, 2013

    The entire school population at Shipyard Elementary in Sydney (CBVRSB) were involved in a "STAND UP AGAINST BULLYING"! activity Thursday, September 12.


    The second Thursday of September has been proclaimed by the Premier of Nova Scotia as Stand Up Against Bullying Day in all public schools across the province.

    On this day, September 12, 2013, we are encouraging schools to focus on healthy relationships and building stronger communities, in an attempt to continue to build respect, communication and healthy conflict resolution skills, while reducing the incidents of bullyingand cyberbullying. 

    The education partners -- Nova Scotia Teachers Union, Nova Scotia School Boards Association, Nova Scotia Federation of Home and School AssociationsFédération des parents acadiens de la Nouvelle-Écosse and Association of Nova Scotia Educational Administrators, in collaboration with the Nova Scotia Government, celebrate this special day and recognize the importance of healthy, safe and positive learning environments for students and educators alike.