Safe and Accepting Schools

    It can be difficult, but remember you’re not alone.

    There are places to turn to get the help you need.

    Reach out to people you can trust.

    A family member, relative, friend, or teacher.

    Please get help as soon as you can.

    Get help

    • If you are being bullied, don’t keep it a secret. Ask friends or adults for help.
    • Report all bullying incidents to your teacher, guidance counsellor, or other authorities.
    • There is no reason for you to ever put up with bullying.

    Ask for support.

    • Think about who you can ask for help, starting with your family, friends, and teachers.

    Track it. 

    • Keep a journal and write down how you’re being bullied, who is doing it, and when it happens.
    • Save bullying messages, pictures, or copies of conversations.

    What to do if you are experiencing cyberbullying

    Speak up

    • Speak up if someone sends you a text, tweet or email that makes you uncomfortable.

    Tell someone

    • A friend, a trusted adult like your teacher, or a family member.

    Control your online presence

    • Increase your security settings online, hide your profile, and block users.

    Save the evidence

    • Save bullying messages, pictures, or copies of conversations.

    Know where to go

    • There are supports and services available to help you deal with cyberbullying.
    • Information on where people can turn if they need help is available at

    Report serious forms of cyberbullying

    • Inform your Internet or cell phone service provider, social network site administrator or the appropriate authorities (teacher, principals, police personnel).

    What to do if you see someone being bullied

    Speak up.

    • When no one speaks up, bullying behaviour continues.

    Share the responsibility. 

    • We all play a part in refusing to accept bullying behaviour.

    Refuse to join in.

    • Don’t take part in the bullying behaviour. Don’t even watch. Refuse to be a bystander.

    Get help.

    • Report bullying behaviour to an adult.

    Provide support.

    • Be a friend to the person being bullied.